Cody O’Connell, Washington State: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

PULLMAN, WA - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Luke Falk
PULLMAN, WA - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Luke Falk /

Washington State’s Cody O’Connell is a massive offensive line prospect who lacks the athleticism needed to be effective at the next level.

Cody O’Connell has had a successful college career playing guard in Washington State’s spread attack. Mike Leach’s system makes life easy on offensive linemen with all the spacing and quick-hitting throws. It certainly hid some of O’Connell’s shortcomings.

O’Connell has a massive build with good length and overall bulk. However, he doesn’t have good arm length which is an issue.

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The lack of arm length is exacerbated by the fact that he plays upright. O’Connell exposes too much of his massive frame which hurts his ability to anchor. Defenders easily gain inside hands and often deliver a jolt that knows O’Connell off balance.

This shows up immediately when O’Connell is asked to protect the quarterback. He is someone who can be pushed back into the fact of the quarterback. It also allows defenders to slip under his block and shoot the gap.

As I mentioned earlier, the Washington State offensive attack hides this problem a lot because the quarterback gets rid of the ball so quickly.

O’Connell not only has poor pad level but he’s a stiff athlete. His movement ability is limited and can be described as plodding. When mirroring the pass rush he struggles to change direction and will bend at his waste.

All this makes for poor balance which makes him susceptible to many different pass rush moves. It’s hard to see a scenario where O’Connell can hold up at the next level.

As a run blocker, O’Connell mainly looks to get his big frame in the way of the defender. He does have the quickness needed to get off the snap and engage. His lack of arm length makes it tough for him to latch and control the action.

Washington State’s offense doesn’t provide O’Connell with opportunities to fire off and drive. It’s all about spacing and allowing the runner to find the open space.

O’Connell would need to change a lot about the way he plays in order to have a chance to succeed at the next level. However, his questionable athleticism means that his success is a long shot no matter what.