Godwin Igwebuike, Northwestern: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Northwestern’s Godwin Igwebuike is a safety prospect who doesn’t really standout as a NFL prospect.

Godwin Igwebuike has been a contributor to Northwestern’s defense since his Freshman season. Throughout his career he has totaled 6 interceptions which includes a 3 interception game during that Freshman year.

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However, his game has a few holes that will be exploited at the next level. Igwebuike doesn’t show a good feel for the game and appears to be guessing a lot. He often finds himself in no-man’s land with no receiver in his area.

There are situations where he immediate runs to an area of the field which is away from the play. It’s obvious that he isn’t reading keys and just guessing. A few of his interceptions have come where he guessed right.

However, this type of play results in more open receivers than it does turnovers. It makes him an unreliable player.

Igwebuike is a solid run defender who makes reliable tackles. He routinely takes proper angles to the ball and will hustle to the ball. Igwebuike isn’t afraid to attack the line of scrimmage and take on blockers.

He needs to do a better job remaining honest on play action as he does get sucked up into the line at times. This again goes back to his struggles reading and identifying the play.

Overall, it’s hard to give Igwebuike a good draft grade based on his game tape. His best quality is his effort and hustle. He does flash some quick short-area burst, but overall he doesn’t stand out as an athlete. In fact, he doesn’t stand out at all expect when he guesses right.