NFL Free Agency: Black Friday Deals


This past offseason seen a lot of money thrown around in NFL Free Agency. However, several players have already outperformed their contracts.

The NFL offseason is seen as a time for teams to improve their roster. NFL Free Agency is one of the methods used to add new talent. However, there are a lot of new additions that fail to meet expectations and live up to their contract.

This article looks at several free agents who could be considered Black Friday Deals based on how they have played this year. Each of these players have been more productive than what their contract would suggest.

The contract numbers were gather from

Morris Claiborne, New York Jets

Contract: 1 year for $5 Million

The New York Jets took a minor risk when they inked Morris Claiborne to a 1 year deal. He has been one of the better players on their roster. Claiborne used this year to set himself up for a big payday in the offseason.

He has finally started to live up to his pre-draft hype showing No. 1 corner potential.

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Zach Brown, Washington Redskins

Contract: 1 year for $2.3 Million

Zach Brown leads the NFL with 101 tackles this year. He has not only made a ton of plays, but has been the Washington Redskins best communicator. Brown routinely makes sure the Redskins are properly lined pre-snap.

Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings

Contract: 4 years for $19 Million

The Minnesota Vikings were very clear during the offseason that they wanted Adam Thielen back with the team. Their commitment to him was part of the reason they were able to get such a bargain.

Thielen has blossomed into a major playmaker and the team’s top receiver. Every week he seems to make a big play that helps his team win. His contract is very easy on the team’s Salary Cap for a borderline No. 1 receiver.

Ted Ginn Jr., New Orleans Saints

Contract: 3 years for $11 Million

Ted Ginn Jr. has filled in nicely for the traded Bradin Cooks. It looks like the New Orleans Saints decision to make this trade has really worked out. They were able to land Ryan Ramczyk with the pick acquired for Cooks.

Ramczyk has played an important role for the Saints filling in at left and right tackle. His play has solidify the Saints offensive line.

Ginn has provided the Saints with a deep threat that has helped open up the running game. Opposing defenses must respect his speed or pay the price. He has also provided some contributions as a punt and kick returner.