Mike McCray, Michigan: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

ANN ARBOR, MI - NOVEMBER 25: Mike McCray /

Michigan’s Mike McCray is an experienced linebacker prospect who shows a good feel for the game but may be limited at the next level.

Mike McCray features a smaller frame when comparing him to other linebacker prospect. However, he plays with a lot of toughness which includes taking on blocks at the line of scrimmage. McCray is more of an intangibles prospect than an athletic standout.

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He is a solid athlete but doesn’t jump off the screen as overly explosive. His ability to make plays is mainly tied to his good instincts. McCray does a good job quickly reading post-snap information and working to the football.

His commitment to gaining inside hands helps him take on blocks and fight to disengage. He can work sideline to sideline, but has limited speed and may have issues at the next level.

McCray is an average coverage linebacker who will get exposed against the top-notch pass catching running backs in the NFL. His coverage skills line up with the rest of his game where there are times he is passable and others where he is a liability.

The biggest thing McCray brings to the table is his experience and toughness. He has just enough athleticism to reach the ball carrier in his immediate area. McCray can also hold up in coverage against average pass catchers.

However, NFL offensive coordinators are paid to find weaknesses and expose them. McCray is someone they would attack.

It’s hard to watch McCray and see a prospect who projects as an impact starter. He could find a role in the league as a special teams ace and backup linebacker. Those type of players are able to find a role and stick on rosters.