T.J. Edwards, Wisconsin: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report


Wisconsin’s T.J. Edwards is a physical linebacker prospect who can make plays at the line of scrimmage.

T.J. Edwards possesses a solid build with the bulk needed to take on blockers. He does a good job approaching the line and delivering a jolt. This jolt and his hand usage helps him stack and shed at the point of attack.

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He plays with good balance which helps him work through contact. That balance also plays a role in his ability to hold up in coverage. Edwards’ coverage skills are the best attribute he brings to the field. He has a strong feel for developing routes while monitoring the quarterback’s eyes.

Edwards shows solid ball skills which makes him a threat to pull down some interceptions. His ability to hold up in coverage is mainly limited to zone as he doesn’t have the quickness to matchup with running backs and wide receivers.

As a run defender, Edwards makes most of his tackles at the line of scrimmage or several yards down field. He isn’t someone who will explode into the backfield and produce tackles for loss.

The problem is that he has average speed and quickness for the position. He lacks great range and is mainly a tackle to tackle defender. Edwards also doesn’t show the ability to make post snap reads. Too often he’s a step or two late which results in him getting caught up in traffic.

Overall, this is a linebacker who fits as a thumper but lacks the explosiveness to be a difference maker at the next level. His coverage skills are the one thing that gives him a chance to potentially land a roster spot.

It’s also possible that he could shed a few pounds and hope that this increases his overall quickness and burst.