Can Kenyan Drake keep up this torrid pace?


The Miami Dolphins have finally started giving Kenyan Drake touches and he has taken full advantage of this opportunity.

Kenyan Drake has seen his involvement in the offense dramatically increase over the past two weeks. He has become the Miami Dolphins go-to running back and an important part of the team’s offensive attack.

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Over the past two weeks, he has total 334 yards with 234 of them coming on the ground. Drake has also produce big plays including a 42 yard run and 47 yard reception.

His emergence has helped the Dolphins climb back into the playoff race as well as potentially giving them a long-term answer at the position. He fits the recent trend in the NFL with running backs who can contribute as both a runner and pass catcher.

The big question is whether or not he can keep up this pace. Last night was his career high in carries with 25. His previous high was 9 which is obviously a major jump.

Drake has a long history of missing time with injuries. His college career was often stunted due to missed time. In fact, Drake’s injury problems were one of the main reasons he dropped in the draft.

Miami is taking a risk by dramatically increasing the workload of a running back who has dealt with injury problems. However, Drake is the team’s only real option at running back especially with Damien Williams dealing with an injury of his own.

The Dolphins offense has been a different animal with Drake’s increased touches. They need him to keep up this pace if they hope to slide into the playoffs. These next few weeks are very important for Drake’s career as he has a chance to establish some long-term value.