Iman Marshall, USC: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 08: Bryce Bobo /

USC’s Iman Marshall is an experienced cornerback prospect who has several traits coveted by NFL evaluators.

Iman Marshall features good size and length for the cornerback position. He also has solid build that helps him fight through contact. Marshall plays the position with sound technique and routinely puts himself in proper position.

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He has the athletic profile to succeed in multiple coverage schemes. His commitment to keeping a low pad level and balance give him the ability to click and close on the football. This makes him a good fit for zone coverage.

Marshall can also handle man coverage thanks to his quickness and fluid hips. He is capable of changing direction which helps him keep in phase with his target. However, his length could give him some trouble matching up against the smaller and shiftier receivers.

His overall coverage ability is solid with the ability to limit separation and prevent the big play. However, Marshall lacks ideal ball skills which is a concern. He isn’t someone who will generate turnovers by hauling in interceptions.

There are a few spots during his career where he flashed solid hands, but overall he doesn’t do a good job high pointing the football. Marshall mainly looks to separate the ball from the receiver rather than jumping a route or aggressively looking to create a turnover.

His lack of ball skills is something that will turn off a lot of defensive coordinators. The NFL has developed into a turnover focused game. Defenders are not only expected to keep the opponent out of the end zone they are also expected to get the ball back into the hands of the offense.

However, this doesn’t mean that Marshall is a poor prospect or destined to fall in the draft. He has the size, athleticism and movement skills to be a very strong coverage cornerback. His ball skills could improve some with more focus and coaching.