Josh Allen, Kentucky: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

LEXINGTON, KY - OCTOBER 07: Josh Allen /

Kentucky’s Josh Allen is a raw edge defender who flashes the athleticism to be a solid pass rusher at the next level.

Josh Allen is a long but thin edge defender who is typically asked to rush the quarterback. He is someone who flashes the quickness and balance needed to be a strong pass rusher. However, he is extremely raw which makes him a projection as a prospect.

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His pass rushing skills are tied to his quickness which helps him gain the edge. He’s a fluid athlete who can change direction and work inside counter moves. The problem is that Allen doesn’t attack with a plan.

At this stage in his development, Allen looks to win with his athleticism and effort. He needs to spend time developing pass rush moves and committing to gaining inside hands.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t play with a ton of confidence. He appears hesitate and doesn’t trust his reads. This results in him being a step late to the ball and hinders his ability to finish from sideline to sideline.

Kentucky does have him drop into coverage from time to time. Allen shows potential in coverage, but plays too high and tends to backpedal too much. He needs to keep a wider base and remain balanced in his drop.

Overall, there’s always some attention paid to prospects like Allen who feature raw skills. He has shown enough upside on the field where better and more individualized coaching could unlock his potential. The problem is it’s hard to trust where Allen will eventual end as a player.

He does have 6 sacks on the season, but they have come sporadically and some thanks to strong coverage.