Despite the win the Denver Broncos still lack a sense of direction

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 14: Brock Osweiler /

The Denver Broncos were able to pull off a victory last night against the Indianapolis Colts, but the win didn’t really do much to help their future.

This season has been a complete disaster for the Denver Broncos. They entered the year hoping they would be able to make a playoff run. However, the inconsistency at quarterback resulted in some ugly performances.

Denver’s quarterback situation is in complete flux with nobody on the roster showing they can be a long-term starter. Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch have all had their struggles this year.

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The one thing the Broncos know is that Siemian is not the long-term answer. He was given plenty of opportunities this year and has looked like nothing more than a career backup.

Denver also knows what they have in Osweiler. He lacks the consistency and ability to make good decisions to start multiple games in a season. Again, he is someone that would serve as a good backup quarterback.

Lynch is the one quarterback who hasn’t had a ton of opportunities to prove himself. However, the fact he wasn’t able to beat out Siemian the past two years speaks volumes. It’s pretty obvious that the Broncos need to head into the offseason with the quarterback positoin as their top priority.

This year’s draft features several quarterbacks who have the look of NFL starters. The top of the draft has Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen. These three all have huge upside with Rosen have the ability to start early in his career.

The issue is that the Broncos hurt their chances of landing one of these players with every win. Rosen and Darnold expect to be off the board within the first 5 picks while Allen’s raw talent make him a likely top-10 pick.

Denver could count themselves lucky as they head into a very unique offseason for the quarterback position. Not only does the draft have talent, but there are a handful of intriguing free agents expected to be available.

The Broncos could be a contender for Kirk Cousins who is expected to hit the open market. There’s also the situation in Minnesota where the Vikings need to decide to keep either Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Bradford.

It promises to be a very interesting offseason for the Broncos as they look to get back into contention.