Kolton Miller, UCLA: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

PASADENA, CA - NOVEMBER 11: Kolton Miller
PASADENA, CA - NOVEMBER 11: Kolton Miller /

UCLA’s Kolton Miller is a under the radar offensive tackle prospect who has huge upside.

Kolton Miller features a long and athletic frame. His height and arm length help him make the pass rusher’s path to the quarterback more difficult. Despite his overall length, Miller is a good athlete with quick feet and balance.

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This is an offensive tackle prospect who works with good technique which helps him succeed. Miller needs to be committed to keeping his pads down or risk exposing too much of his frame. Offensive tackles with his height tend to struggle maintaining leverage.

However, this hasn’t been much of an issue for Miller to this point in his career. He does a great job keeping a wide base which helps his balance and pad level. Miller also keeps his hands out in front which keeps the defenders off his frame.

He has enough foot speed and overall quickness to protect the edge. This combined with his long arms make it difficult for pass rushers to turn the corner.

Miller shows enough balanced and change of direction ability to adjust to inside counters. The one area he needs to improve is his overall strength. Miller’s frame is a little on the thin side for an offensive tackle. He needs to add some bulk to help him anchor against the more powerful defenders.

His effectiveness as a pass protector would also improve if he improved his upper body strength. Miller needs to develop heavier hands so that he can latch on to the pass rushers. This is something that also extends to the running game.

Miller shows a good aggressive approach to run blocking, but again his effectiveness would improve with added strength. The strength concern isn’t a major issue as Miller will get plenty of help from an NFL strength coach.

Overall, Miller’s combination of length and athleticism makes him a very strong prospect. He is someone who can protect the quarterback which is something NFL coaches covet. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see his stock rise as we work through the process. Miller is absolutely in the 1st round mix.