Baker Mayfield wisely decides to attend the Senior Bowl

NORMAN, OK - NOVEMBER 11: Quarterback Baker Mayfield
NORMAN, OK - NOVEMBER 11: Quarterback Baker Mayfield /

Baker Mayfield has made the decision to accept his invite to this year’s Senior Bowl.

The Senior Bowl just got a little more interesting with Baker Mayfield accepting his invitation. Mayfield’s attendance will bring a lot of media hype and intrigue. He is not only an NFL talent, but also brings some spark to the field.

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Mayfield’s draft stock is very fluid at the moment. Heading into the season, many evaluators saw him as a day-two pick. His Heisman winning season  has helped propel him up a lot of draft boards and into the 1st round mix.

The negatives that everyone saw with his game are mostly still present. He lacks ideal size for the position, lacks elite arm strength and comes from a spread offense. His erratic playing style is also something that makes some coaches nervous.

It will be interesting to see if Mayfield is able to find the same type of success working out of the vanilla offense usually installed at the Senior Bowl.

While some of Mayfield’s negatives will likely show during this event, we should also expect to see a lot of his strengths too. Mayfield is regarded as a fiery leader and someone who inspires his teammates.

He also plays with a lot of poise and routinely works to improve his craft. These are things that the NFL decision makers will be able to see during the practice week. It’s one of the reasons why attending the Senior Bowl is usually a good decision for a quarterback prospect.

Earlier in the week, I broke down the group of quarterbacks who accepted Senior Bowl invites. Things are much different now with the entertaining Mayfield planning to attend.