Cole Madison, Washington State: 2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report

PULLMAN, WA - SEPTEMBER 16: Tavares Martin Jr.
PULLMAN, WA - SEPTEMBER 16: Tavares Martin Jr. /

Washington State’s Cole Madison is played this past year at right tackle, but could find more success moving inside at the next level.

Cole Madison is a solid all-around offensive line prospect. He features average size with good arm length. However, he is a little on the short size for an offensive tackle prospect. This isn’t a major concern, but something that could push him inside.

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Madison does a good job playing with leverage and balance. He is committed to keeping his pads down with a wide base. This helps him change direction and anchor after contact.

In pass protection, he fights to gain inside hand placement and get his arms extended. This keeps defenders off his frame and provides space. Madison’s wide base gives him balance and helps his shuffle.

However, he isn’t a very fluid athlete and will be beat around the edge at times. The key for him to hold up in space is quickly getting into position and using his arm length to engage. He could stand to add more strength which would improve is latching skills.

Washington State’s quick hitting offensive attack hasn’t given Madison much experience pass protecting for extended periods of time. He will need to adjust his plan of attack in the NFL.

Mike Leach’s offense also doesn’t provide offensive linemen a chance to fire off the ball and open running lanes. It’s all about spacing which asks the blockers to use angles and position. However, Madison does show a nasty streak and will keep his legs driving once engaged.

Madison has a chance to stick at right tackle at the next level. However, his lack of ideal height and fluidity are cause for concern. It’s possible that his best fit in the NFL will be a guard with a team that looks for more athletic interior blockers.

There’s enough talent here for Madison to find a place and stick on a roster.