2018 NFL Draft: Nyheim Hines Scouting Report


Louisville’s Nyheim Hines is an explosive 2018 NFL Draft running back prospect who can produce big plays.

Nyheim Hines is a smaller running back prospect who features big-play ability. He’s one of the more explosive 2018 NFL Draft prospects in the entire class. NC State utilized his explosivness in both the running game and passing attack.

Hines also contributes on special teams as a punt and kick returner. Basically, NC State realized that Hines was capable of big things with the ball in his hands.

At the next level, he projects as a 3rd down back or a scat-back type. He is someone who will be brought in as a change of pace and big-play threat. His ability to contribute in the passing attack will help him see action.

Most of his receiving experience has come out of the backfield, but he has shown the ability to run sound routes out of the slot.

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Despite his lack of size, Hines is a willing pass protector who will sacrifice his body to keep the quarterback clean. The problem is that bigger pass rushers will be able to generate a push into the quarterback.

Hines success as a runner relies on his quickness and top-end speed. He is capable of quickly pressing the line and firing through the hole. This is someone who has shows some elusiveness and flashes the ability to locate space.

However, he does tend to run a little upright which hurts his ability to make clean cuts. Hines needs to keep his pads down as he moves down field.

He also isn’t someone who will move the pile or finish the run with power. Too often, Hines stops his momentum as the defender approaches. This limits his ability to pick up yards after contact. It’s also something that will make him susceptible to big hits.

Overall, Hines is a big-play threat who can contribute on multiple levels. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and help as a returner increases his chances of earning a roster spot.