2018 NFL Draft Position Rankings: Offensive Tackle

SOUTH BEND, IN - OCTOBER 04: Mike McGlinchey
SOUTH BEND, IN - OCTOBER 04: Mike McGlinchey /

The 2018 NFL Draft class doesn’t have much depth at the offensive tackle position, but there are a few prospects capable of making an impact.

It’ll be interesting to see how the offensive tackle position falls during the 2018 NFL Draft. This is a position that several teams need to address, but the overall talent pool isn’t great. However, we have seen offensive tackles pushed up the draft.

Below is my top rated 2018 NFL Draft Offensive Tackle prospects:

1. Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame

Big Board Rank: No. 15

McGlinchey didn’t have a standout year after moving to left tackle, but he wasn’t completely hopeless. This is a hard worker who is a fluid athlete and has the tools to develop into a NFL left tackle.

2. Connor Williams, Texas

Big Board Rank: No. 20

Williams is more of a projection at this point as a prospect with excellent natural skills. Many see him starting out at guard, but he has the movement skills to play left tackle in the NFL.

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3. Kolton Miller, UCLA

Big Board Rank: No. 30

Miller is a tremendous athlete with quick feet and balance. He will go through some growing pains but has huge upside as a pass blocker.

4. Jamarco Jones, Ohio State

Big Board Rank: No. 47

Jones can suffer from some lapses in focus, but he is a gifted athlete with plenty of experience. He could easily find himself as someone starting left tackle during his rookie season.

5. Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Michigan

Big Board Rank: No. 56

Okorafor missed a big opportunity when he was forced to sit out the Senior Bowl. That would’ve been his shot to start some positive buzz. However, those who have studied the tape will see a high upside prospect.

6. Geron Christian, Louisville

Big Board Rank: No. 68

Louisville used Christian in a very unique way. He would shift from right tackle to left tackle on a series by series or play by play basis. This gives Christian a ton of versatility which is something every NFL team values.

7. Orlando Brown Jr., Oklahoma

Big Board Rank: No. 84

Brown’s terrible combine performance has really stuck in everyone’s mind. It’s hard to overlook the lack of strength and athleticism he showed. However, the tape tells a slightly different story so he shouldn’t be completely written off.

8. Brandon Parker, NC A&T

Big Board Rank: No. 118

Parker is a developmental prospect with tons of potential. He features a good combination of size, length and natural athleticism.

9. Alex Cappa, Humbolt State

Big Board Rank: No. 133

10. Desmond Harrison, West Georgia

Big Board Rank: No. 151

11. Cole Madison, Washington State

Big Board Rank: No. 153

12. Will Richardson, NC State

Big Board Rank: No. 163

13. Zach Crabtree, Oklahoma State

Big Board Rank: No. 164

14. Brian O’Neill, Pittsburgh

Big Board Rank: No. 165

15. Josh Noteboom, TCU

Big Board Rank: No. 181