2019 NFL Draft: Washington’s Trey Adams Scouting Report

Washington’s Trey Adams is an experienced 2019 NFL Draft left tackle prospect.

Trey Adams had a chance to be a high pick in last year’s draft, but an injury forced him to wait until the 2019 NFL Draft. He is a well regarded prospect who should hear his named called during the draft’s first day.

This is a well built individual who possesses good length, bulk and overall size. He’s someone who uses that size to create longer paths to the quarterback and seal defenders from the play.

Adams has good athleticism for his size which helps him make blocks at multiple levels. He does a good job working at the 2nd level showing the balance to get his hands on linebackers. His ability to also work to the edge increases his scheme versatility.

He is a very smart player who routinely uses proper angles. Adams knows how to use his size to create holes for the running back.

Off the snap, he fires out of his stance and looks to gain inside hands. Adams shows enough upper body strength to latch and control. However, he would benefit from getting a more powerful punch which would keep the defender off balance.

Adams ability to latch to the defender and keep his legs moving lets him generate a push off the line. He should be a very effective run blocker at the next level.

In pass protection, he again uses his size and length to his advantage. Adams sets a strong edge and will attack his target. He shows solid foot speed with the ability to remain balanced while shuffling. His wide base gives him the ability to anchor after contact.

One concern is that Adams will tend to raise his pad level which hurts his change of direction skills. Another is that his lateral quickness is solid, but he hasn’t really been tested by elite speed rushers. Washington’s offense does a good job getting the ball out of the quarterback’s hands quickly.

Overall, Adams shows the potential to be an above-average starting left tackle in the NFL. The concerns regarding his lateral quickness can be masked with proper technique and use of angles.

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