Scouting the 2020 NFL Draft: Calvin Throckmorton, OL, Oregon

The University of Oregon will have one of the 2020 NFL draft headliners in QB Justin Herbert, but in our latest installment of ‘Scouting the 2020 NFL draft,’ we look at one of his linemen, Calvin Throckmorton.

Aside from having one of the best names of any prospect in the 2020 NFL draft, Oregon’s Calvin Throckmorton brings a well-rounded skill set with positional versatility to the field in 2019. With a strong season for the Ducks, Throckmorton could find himself among the most sought-after offensive linemen in the country.

Throckmorton began his career at Oregon as an offensive tackle. He started 12 games at right tackle as a redshirt freshman in 2016 and registered another 10 starts at the position in 2017. He moved to right guard during the final two games that year but returned to right tackle in 2018 where he finished the season ranked fourth among offensive tackles graded by Pro Football Focus.

Physically, Throckmorton is a load. Standing an estimated 6-5 and 318 pounds, he carries his weight well and has the kind of thick lower half needed to anchor against power. Arm length is a question that needs to be addressed, however. He doesn’t appear to have the longest limbs and it shows up on tape. He’s not always the first to strike even when he uncoils a tick faster than his opponent.

Athletically, Throckmorton moves extremely well for a guy pushing 320 pounds. He’s light on his feet and can make plays in the run game on the second level and beyond. He can get down the line of scrimmage and pull if needed and will thrive in the pros in a zone scheme because of his above-average step-and-seal ability.

As a pass protector, Throckmorton holds his ground against power moves but labors to keep up with speed around the edge. He has an adequate kick slide and can mirror pretty well, but his lack of length gives his opponent a clear advantage from the get-go.

In the run game, Throckmorton is a steady step-and-seal blocker who can also drive his opponent off his mark in a power play. He needs to sustain his blocks a tick longer, however, to take full advantage of the jolt he’s capable of on contact. He needs to do a better job of staying on his feet too; he overextends a bit and topples over after initial contact.

Overall, Throckmorton projects as a guard in the NFL and a quality one at that. He needs to clean up some issues in 2019, most notably sustaining blocks, staying on his feet through the whistle and handling speed. If he’s able to take that next step in his game, Throckmorton would make a really nice Day 2 selection with upside.


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