Kansas City Chiefs 7-Round Mock Draft post Super Bowl Win

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With the Super Bowl coming to an end, so did the season, and now draft season can officially begin with this 2020 NFL Draft mock draft for the Chiefs.

Kansas City is fresh off a Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday and while they won’t be looking ahead for the next couple of weeks, we, as fans can. In their comeback win against the 49ers, the Chiefs didn’t appear to have many weaknesses. Que the 2020 NFL Draft.

Aside from being down 10 early in the fourth their didn’t seem to be any panic on the Chief’s sideline, their defense came up with stops when they needed and the offense scored when gifted the opportunity, Kansas City was able to finish the game and San Francisco could not, despite playing a tough 3-quarters before their meltdown in the fourth.

With Patrick Mahomes likely spending most of his career with the Chiefs, they should be contending for the playoffs every year, and the Super Bowl is likely to always be in their reach, but surrounding him with young talent is going to be a must, as Mahomes is likely going to command the largest contract the NFL has ever seen. According to reports, Mahomes’ new contract could be upwards of $40-million dollars per year.

Yes, the salary caps increases every year, but with Mahomes earning that much money it will make things much more difficult when it comes to team-building. The Chiefs will need to draft well (just like every team needs too, but now there is some added pressure). Mahomes is going to be making some cash and you’re not going to be able to pay everybody.

Mahomes is a guy who can win you games on the talent of his arm, but he’s going to need guys who can get open and some protection upfront. As we saw last year, Kansas City’s offense isn’t always going to be able to outscore everyone and their defense is going to need to make plays as well (as they did this year in the playoffs).

Ultimately, having Mahomes for the rest — or at least most — of his career is a huge plus, but he’s not going to be able to do it all on his own. He’s going to need help and the draft is going to be one of the places he can get it from. Here’s a 7-round mock draft for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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