Scouting the 2020 NFL Draft: Adversity has shaped LSU CB Kristian Fulton

LSU cornerback Kristian Fulton (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
LSU cornerback Kristian Fulton (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /
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LSU cornerback Kristian Fulton
LSU cornerback Kristian Fulton (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /


Kristian Fulton’s best game revolves around press-man coverage. He has very good line of scrimmage (LOS) skill showing off his excellent footwork and patience from a soft press alignment along with good short-area quickness. Using all of these traits, he does an excellent job of mirroring receivers off of the LOS while staying square with his opponent and squeezing their release.

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Exceptional hip fluidity and change of direction to transition vertically with receivers without false steps and maintaining speed to carry downfield. Utilizing his hip fluidity and technique to mirror at the LOS, Fulton can stick to even top speed receivers vertically. Due to his excellent abilities at the LOS, Fulton is rarely out of phase or beat over the top. In the red zone, his competitive toughness shows up staying attached to his receiver and working them to the sideline.

When in phase, Fulton has terrific reactive quickness to stick to the receiver’s hip through tight breaks. Positions himself exceptionally well when playing in a trail technique to make plays on the ball in short to intermediate areas of the field to undercut routes. When lined up with inside leverage, Fulton makes it incredibly difficult for receivers to work across him to cut inside.

In zone coverage, Fulton displays excellent mental processing to read route combinations to adjust his landing spots. Very aggressive coming downhill from both off man and zone coverages showing excellent click and close speed when he’s low and disciplined in his backpedal on routes underneath when giving cushion. Displays comfort playing on an island and passing receivers off between zones.

Even though he only has two interceptions over his two years of starting at LSU, Fulton displays very good ball skills. Exceptional at responding to the receiver’s hands and eyes and aggressively attacks through their hands to break up the pass. Has the length to reach around receivers to break up passes coming from off coverages.