Cowboys: New CBA could impact Randy Gregory, David Irving, and draft plans

The Dallas Cowboys could very well improve their defensive line immensely this offseason even before the 2020 NFL Draft, thanks to the new CBA

The NFLPA voted to accept a new CBA this weekend and while there’s a lot to dig into, one thing stood out that could be a potential game-changer for the Dallas Cowboys. While most of the discussion was about the numbers and a potential for a 17-game season, there were also some changes to the drug policy.

For years, the league was criticized for their tough stance on marijuana and players made it known that they wanted this to change. And in the new agreement, it has.

According to Dan Graziano of ESPN, there will be no more suspensions for positive tests.

“The new CBA will eliminate suspensions for positive marijuana tests, limit the testing period to the first two weeks of training camp and raise the threshold for a positive test from 35 to 150 nanograms of THC. The idea is to focus the drug program on clinical care as opposed to punishment.” — Graziano, ESPN

For the Cowboys, this could be good news. They currently have one player on the roster who has been ineligible to play due to failed marijuana tests, and he happens to play a position of need. Defensive end Randy Gregory hasn’t seen the field in over a year and has only played in 28 games since being drafted in 2015.

It appears that Gregory should be reinstated now and if he is, the Cowboys might feel more comfortable about their situation at defensive end. When on the field, Gregory has been a good pass rusher, logging six sacks as a rotational player in 2018. Granted, he will need time to get into game shape, but at 27-years of age, there’s still a lot of time left in his career.

Gregory might not be the only player the Cowboys can now turn to thanks to the new CBA. Recently, Mike Fisher of Sports Illustrated’s Cowboys Maven spoke with Irving, who said he missed playing football, but not the politics of the NFL — mainly the league’s hard stance on what he calls medicine, rather than a drug.

Irving apparently also had an issue with head coach Jason Garrett, who is also gone now. With the new drug testing policy and lack of Garrett in town, Irving could be a possibility for the Cowboys as well. The question there, is whether or not he wants to return to the NFL.

If so, they could fill two massive needs ahead of the NFL Draft, which would make things so much easier for them as they try and fill several holes on defense — such as at cornerback and safety, which are their biggest holes right now.

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There are those who aren’t fond of the new agreement, but many players are going to get another chance at living out their dream. And in Dallas, that could be a game-changer.

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