Washington Redskins hosting virtual 2020 NFL Draft party

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 NFL Draft went all virtual on Monday. The Washington Redskins decided to host a virtual draft party for their fans.

The news came out on Monday that the NFL decided that the whole 2020 NFL Draft will be fully virtual. With the entire draft going virtual then there were not any more draft parties. Washington is the first team to change that. The Redskins are inviting all of their fans to join their virtual draft experience on April 23-25.

Washington’s virtual experience will feature live draft coverage and analysis on the first two days of the NFL Draft, leading up to the draft party which will be held on the third day of the NFL Draft.

If you are looking to find the Washington draft party it will be live on their Social Media’s on April 25. During this live draft, they will interview Redskins coaches, players, and even some of your favorite celebrity Redskins fans. The Redskins will also be doing live giveaways to their fans.

These are some guests that I believe and that has been rumored to make an appearance is second-year quarterback Dwyane Haskins, the new head coach of the Redskins Ron Rivera, and the Redskins VP of player personnel Kyle Smith. The 2020 Draft may be changing, but it does not have to be less fun.

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“We hope the NFL Draft will be a source of joy and excitement for fans who welcome some distraction during these extremely challenging times,” said head coach Ron Rivera. “The Virtual Draft Party is meant to be a celebration that will create a sense of unity for Skins’ fans as we continue this fight together, while understanding we have a responsibility to do the right thing by not celebrating together physically.”, this statement is from the organization.

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