2020 NFL Draft: Did the Eagles know something when selecting Jalen Hurts?

The Philadelphia Eagles stunned everyone when they selected quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Just four years ago, the Philadelphia Eagles traded up and selected North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz with the second overall pick. Just last year they gave him an extension, making him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league; so why then did they take Jalen Hurts when their pick rolled around in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft?

Did the Eagles know something the rest of us did not? Hurts has been vocal that he is not changing positions, so clearly he was drafted to throw the football in Philadelphia.

Maybe recent comments by Wentz shine a light on why Hurts was selected, and why the Eagles felt the need to take another quarterback:

“It’s scary stuff… It kind of changes a lot of things in your brain, and you only get one of these brains and you’ve got to protect it. It was tough to see the finish of that game. That was the end of our season. It was frustrating not to be out there” (via PFT)

Just this last year, the Indianapolis Colts were stunned when their star quarterback and former first overall pick Andrew Luck retired after just eight years. Luck suffered multiple injuries, and missed two years with a shoulder injury before seeing action again in 2018.

Given Wentz’ concussion and the phrasing of “… you only get one of these brains and you’ve got to protect it…,” could he be one injury away from putting his life above the sport? Wentz, like Luck, has struggled multiple injuries over his career, including a broken back.

While the selecting of Hurts may have seemed puzzling on the surface, the Eagles may have had a plan after all, a backup plan. Given Wentz’ injury history, the Eagles may be looking to secure their future just in case he decides to call it quits.