Florida State Football: Marvin Wilson a perfect leader to follow

Marvin Wilson is a great leader for the Florida State football program

Over the past 24 hours, the Florida State football program has been in the news after new head coach Mike Norvell was called out by senior defensive tackle Marvin Wilson. In his first year with the Seminoles, this is not quite the start Norvell was hoping to get off to, however with Wilson as a lead voice in his locker room, he has a chance to win his team back.

With the growing concerns after the death of George Floyd at the hands of four convicted police officers, and riots around the country due to excessive force towards peaceful protestors, Norvell stated he had met with each member of his team. Norvell released this statement, met with Wilson’s voice, stating Norvell had only sent out a manufactured group text.

Wilson then went on to say that he and his teammates would not be performing workouts until further notice in his counter-statement:

There was no one on one talk between us and coach. This is a lie and me and my teammates as a whole are outraged and we will not be working out until further notice” (via Twitter).

While it appeared at first that the star of the Seminoles’ team and future first round draft pick had lost respect for his new head coach, Wilson then took back to Instagram to share an update. Wilson does not explicitly say he and Norvell had a one-on-one talk after each others’ comments, it does seem like their relationship is on its way to healing.

Wilson has vowed to step up in the community of Tallahassee with both his voice and his money, looking to donate towards organizations that hope to bring educational and systemic equity. Acknowledging Colin Kaepernick, Wilson intends to carry his torch in 2020.

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In an era dominated by flash news of traumatic and depressing news and videos, Wilson is the perfect example of a man to lead your locker room, and more importantly, a man to look up to in life as a role model. As Wilson looks to be a top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, any team should look at him as a staple and foundation for the future of their franchise.