2021 NFL Draft: Rondale Moore makes his anticipated debut

Rondale Moore

2021 NFL Draft prospect Rondale Moore. Cfb Purdue Vs Vanderbilt

Rondale Moore is off to a fast start to save his draft stock

Rondale Moore
Wide Receiver Purdue

Rondale Moore is back!

The Purdue wide receiver made is long anticipated season debut last night and looked like a stud. Despite missing Purdue’s last 11 games due to injury, Moore liked the same explosive player that made him garner first round consideration. The stat line will not blow you away due to how often Purdue uses him which hurt his average per touch.

Moore’s absence in 2019 did not hurt his stock as much but the games he missed this year have put him behind. The durability questions are not one you want when already being a receiver who lacks ideal build and length. Nonetheless, last night he still made plays that showed us why he is the ultimate playmaker and that he can save his stock the rest of the season.


Moore burst onto the scene as a true freshman in 2018 where he arguably was one of the best players in the country. He is as explosive as any wide receiver in this draft class despite not having the ideal stature of top tier wide receiver prospect. Moore is very good at creating separation which enables him to be effective at all three levels of the field.

Excellent short area quickness to beat press coverage consistently at the line of scrimmage. He is able to translate that short area quickness into good route running, displaying the ability create consistent separation at the top of his breaks.

He has good long speed to beat defenders vertically and keep himself out of contested catch situations which is good due to his lack of size. His usage at the next level will be important because he is a player that can take advantage of teams in space if used properly.


Moore is most dangerous once the football in his hands and could possibly add some versatility as a returner at the next level. There are few players that can do what Moore does when the football is in his hands as he racks up yards after the catch.

His explosive stop and start ability to allude defenders is incredible. The most impressive of watching him run with the football is how many tackles he breaks due to him being built low to the ground with strong build in his legs. Moore should be viewed as more than a gadget player because he understands how to use his excellent athletic profile to get open as a receiver. He needs to show more consistency tracking the football and making catches away from his frame to further his stock.

Moore will have to answer questions about his durability if he is going to get a team to take a shot on him in the first round. Having Rondale Moore back is great for NFL Draft fans because he still has the talent to end up being a top 25 talent in this draft class