Jaguars: Brett Favre is wrong about Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be the talk of the town over the next few months as they hold the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft this upcoming April. With that pick, the Jaguars are projected to take the Heisman finalist and presumed prized jewel over the past three seasons and the top quarterback in this year’s class in Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

This has been a forgone conclusion for many, as the Tank for Trevor sweepstakes has been underway for months now, and even before. Now with former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer at the helm in Jacksonville, a coach who once called Lawrence the best quarterback in the history of college football, this pairing feels inevitable.

One Hall of Fame quarterback in Brett Favre, however, thinks this is not the best idea for the Jaguars.

What Favre had to say about Trevor Lawrence

In an interview with TMZ, Favre was asked about Lawrence, and he actually said the Jaguars should not take a quarterback at all. Instead, Favre stated the Heisman Trophy winner should be the top pick to the Jaguars:

“I would take (Alabama receiver) DeVonta Smith… The last two games I’ve watched this guy play, I mean, I’m blown away with how good — knowing that teams know that he’s going to get the ball — and he dominates. I think you go with a guy like that.”

How would Favre solve the quarterback quandary in Jacksonville then? By not drafting one at all and simply signing a guy off the streets.

“Nothing against Trevor Lawrence, but I think you can find a free agent guy, or a guy in the latter rounds or a mid-rounds in the draft… But you just don’t find a guy like a … (Smith) could be a Jerry Rice. He could be — different — but a Randy Moss. A total game-changer. But again, a different style of player. Just an incredible player.”

Why Brett Favre is dead wrong

No offense to Favre here, but there is a considerable lack of acknowledgement that the quarterback position is the most important position in all of professional sports. The difference between drafting the best quarterback prospect since or before Andrew Luck or signing a free agent off the street is considerable.

The Jaguars of all teams should know this as they shoveled out a massive contract to Nick Foles in free agency just to trade the guy a year later for a day-three pick. If you have a future franchise quarterback in your sights, you have to pull the trigger. Lawrence has been the belle of the ball for three years running now, and with him in their sights, the Jaguars will not pass him up for Smith.

Smith is a great player in his own regard, but he does not play quarterback. If adding a wide receiver is in the sights of the Jags, then they have another first and the top pick of the second round to invest in it there. The drop off from Lawrence to the rest of the class is steep, the same cannot be said for the wide receiver crop.