2022 NFL Draft: Best fit in the first round for the Ravens

Arkansas Razorbacks wide receiver Treylon Burks . Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
Arkansas Razorbacks wide receiver Treylon Burks . Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports /

The Baltimore Ravens had an injury-marred 2021 season. What should they attempt to do with the 14th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft? 

The Ravens looked well on their way to having another solid run in the playoffs before injuries crushed their season. The NFL Draft will be their key to taking the next step to catch up in the divison.

Looking toward the 2022 NFL Draft they have several needs coming up; they still need to get their WR situation figured out, OT, OLB, and DB. There is a good chance they lose a starting CB to FA this year in Averett, he will be hard for the Ravens to replace. This is where having the 14th pick is good and bad, they will have a chance to fill any of the holes. However, they may need to reach for a WR, OLB, or DB or could have a nice OT fall right into their lap.

Ravens fans will be biting at the bit for a WR which for them could be one of three; Tryelon Burks, Jameson Williams, or Chris Olave. With questions concerning Williams’ ACL, he may slip in the draft in favor of Garrett Wilson. If they can get one and match them with Bateman and Hollywood Brown Lamar Jackson would finally have enough WR talent to actually have a useful passing game.

The Ravens are now stuck in a division with a dangerous Bengals team, and a Browns team who if they could get out of their own way could also be a problem. They need to nail this pick to catch up to the ever-evolving Bengals.

Which new player that could dawn the purple and black will send them to the top?

Jameson Williams, WR Alabama

Williams spent his first two years at Ohio State, which is quickly taking over as WR U, before coming to Bama where he blew up. In 2021 he collected 79 catches, for 1,572 yards and 15 touchdowns.

If he didn’t tear his ACL in the title game, he would have been a top-10 pick more likely than not. He has great ability across just about everything, his medicals will determine where he ends up in this draft. But, Williams will come in and be a true #1 with a good compliment to Bateman and allow Brown and his catching issues to stay in the slot.

Trent McDuffie, CB

Trent could be the next big thing out of Washington. In 2021 he had 35 total tackles, six pass breakups, four tackles for loss, and one sack. He is not afraid to be around the line of scrimmage and has some insane drive to him.

He is currently listed at 5-foot-11 and 195lbs, if these are true I don’t expect his stock to change much. If he comes in closer to 5-foot-9 and 185lbs he could struggle to find his footing in the top-60 picks of this draft. He will still be a force at the next level in some aspect, but he needs to make sure he has size when he gets to the combine.

Treylon Burks, WR Arkansas

Burks might be the best-contested catch WR in this draft. Which would finally give the Ravens the red zone threat they need. Burks stayed a problem for the SEC his entire three-year career with 2021 being his best one yet. Hauling in 66 catches, 1,104 yards, 11 touchdowns, 14 rushing attempts, 122 yards, and one touchdown.

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If this guy sounds familiar, it is because he is a DeeBo Samuel-type player. Burks can play any position on the field and should his 6-foot-3 225lbs measurements be true, Burks could be the second WR taken off the board. This is most likely the best option for the Ravens, he just may not make it there.