Which player has the most guarantees on their contract?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12).
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12). /

When the rubber meets the road, the total guarantees on the contract is what matters the most. Which players have the the most guaranteed money?

As you could probably guess, the quarterbacks are the most highly compensated players in all of sports.  Well, aside from soccer, which is more international and watched by more people.  Anyway, the QB position is the most important position in the history of sports, and it makes sense that they are and always will be the most paid.

What we’ve seen lately are massively inflated contracts being given to player who are perhaps not deserving of those pacts.  The numbers keep going up and up, and this offseason might see multiple quarterbacks continue to break the $50 million per year threshold, which is being owned by Aaron Rodgers at the current moment.

Which players have the highest total guarantees on their contracts?

Which player has the most guarantees on their contract?

5. Josh Allen – $150,000,000

Josh Allen has the fifth most guarantees on his contract, coming in at $150 million.  His contract extension he signed was for six years, and it’s clear that Allen is one of the most dynamic quarterbacks perhaps of this generation.

It’s unclear whether he’ll be able to win a Super Bowl as he is in the loaded AFC, but I do think he and the Bills will end up winning a championship one year.

4. Aaron Rodgers – $150,815,000

The fourth most richest guarantees in the NFL belongs to Aaron Rodgers coming from the recent extension he signed with the Green Bay Packers.  His darkness retreat will tell us a lot when he decides to make a decision whether to retire, remain with the Packers, or perhaps even request a trade.

There is no denying how good Rodgers is, and I do think his ridiculous contract is very much warranted.

3. Russell Wilson – $161,000,000

Russell Wilson’s extension he signed with the Denver Broncos before the 2022 season was a nice turning point for the franchise as they seemed to finally have their guy for the foreseeable future.  However, Wilson was a disaster in 2022, and it remains to be seen whether that was mostly because of his apparent decline or because of Nathaniel Hackett’s incompetence.

Perhaps it could be a mixture of both.  Either way, there may not be a better coach to revive Russell Wilson to get him playing up to the level of his contract than Sean Payton.

2. Kyler Murray – $189,500,000

The Arizona Cardinals seemed to reluctantly give Kyler Murray a contract extension.  Then, about halfway through the 2022 season, Murray tore his ACL.  He’ll likely be out until well after the 2023 season starts, and with the Cardinals bringing in a new General Manager and head coach, Murray’s future could be in doubt a bit.

There also seems to be some valid concerns about Murray’s commitment to the game, but nearly $200 million in guarantees seems to signal a strong commitment to the QB.

1. Deshaun Watson – $230,000,000

Deshaun Watson’s contract may end up being one of the signal worst contracts, regardless of reason, in the history of professional sports.  His play in 2022 was quite awful, and perhaps that’s primarily because he was out of the game for an entire year.

However, his off the field issues are well documented and will stick with Watson forever.  The fully guaranteed deal that Watson signed with the Browns was and is still unprecedented, and will likely be used a reference point for future QB deals.