NFL Offseason 2023: Crazy trades we can still have happen

DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals (Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports)
DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals (Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports) /

Even though the most active period of the NFL offseason is over, there are still a few crazy trades that could still happen and shake up the league.  The next big event in the NFL is the 2023 NFL Draft, which kicks off later this month.

During the draft is when crazy things can happen, to say the least.  Player trades, unexpected picks, and everything in between are all on the table when the end of April comes.

There’s still a ton more movement that we can see between now and week one of the 2023 season.  So, let’s dive into some crazy trades that can still happen this offseason.

NFL Offseason 2023: Crazy trades we can still have happen

1. Aaron Rodgers actually gets traded to the Jets

It seems like the trade between the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets is about done, according to Jets’ GM Joe Douglas:

We’ve known this was likely going to happen, and it seems like it’ll actually get done.  It’s not known when this trade will go down, but I’d assume as we get closer to the 2023 NFL Draft that we’ll see it officially done.

This would be a hilariously major trade that would greatly alter the league and instantly turn the Jets into a true contender, not just in the AFC, but in the entire league.

2. Lamar Jackson signs offer sheet with Indianapolis Colts, Ravens don’t match

Lamar Jackson can agree to and sign an offer sheet with a team not named the Baltimore Ravens.  Well, how about the Indianapolis Colts?  In this scenario, if the Ravens don’t match the offer sheet, they’d receive the Colts’ 2023 and 2024 first round picks back for Jackson.

This would propel the Ravens up to having the fourth overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and would put them in great position to perhaps take their next QB of the future.

There’s been absolutely no indication where Jackson ends up in 2023, but the Colts do make a lot of sense.

3. DeAndre Hopkins is traded to the Kansas City Chiefs on draft day

This would be such a Chiefs’ move, wouldn’t it?  Right now, it seems likely that the Cardinals could actually release Hopkins, and there’s really no rush to find a solution for the Cardinals, I don’t think.  It’s clear that they are wanting to move forward without him, and perhaps they want to wait it out to see if a team would be willing to fork over a draft pick for the future Hall of Famer.

Well, the Chiefs have a need at wide receiver even though their offense was just fine without an elite one last year, and Hopkins would fit that mold.

I’m not sure the Cardinals are going to get much of anything for Hopkins, but something is better than nothing.