NFL Comparisons for Colorado’s QB Shedeur Sanders

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Low-End Comparison: Tyrod Taylor

For the low-end comparison, we look at NFL quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Taylor had a solid but unspectacular career in the NFL, primarily serving as a bridge quarterback or backup.

The comparison with Tyrod Taylor highlights the possibility that Sanders might have a career trajectory similar to him. Taylor is known for his mobility and skill to manage games effectively, even if he didn’t possess the explosive playmaking abilities of some of the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. Similarly, Sanders has showcased his speed for the position and while he may not reach the heights of the league’s top quarterbacks, he can still carve out a respectable NFL career.

It’s important to note that being compared to Tyrod Taylor should not be seen as a negative. Taylor had a long NFL career and provided stability for several teams during his tenure. If Sanders can achieve a career like Taylor’s, it would still be a significant accomplishment in the highly competitive world of professional football.

Shedeur Sanders’ early success in college football has sparked excitement and raised expectations for his future. With Heisman Trophy buzz surrounding him and a strong start to the season, Sanders is poised to make a significant impact on the college football scene.