NFL Comparisons for Colorado’s QB Shedeur Sanders

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Realistic Comparison: Geno Smith

A more realistic comparison for Shedeur Sanders at this stage of his career is with Seattle Seahawk’s quarterback, Geno Smith. Before he became a Pro Bowl quarterback for the Seahawks, Geno Smith had a journeyman career in the NFL, serving as a backup and occasionally stepping in as a starter. But after last season, he has established himself as a top-half-of-the-league quarterback.

What makes the comparison with Geno Smith apt is that both Smith and Sanders possess the physical tools to succeed in the NFL, but they are still refining their game and gaining experience as a passer. Smith, like Sanders, has a strong arm and the ability to make throws that most can’t, but he faces challenges with consistency and decision-making, which are aspects Sanders will need to work on as well.

This comparison doesn’t diminish Sanders’ potential; instead, it underscores the reality that even talented young quarterbacks often face a learning curve when transitioning to the NFL. Like Geno Smith, Sanders may need time to adapt to the professional level and develop into a reliable starting quarterback.