6 Takeaways from Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 2.0

As one of the most known voices in mock drafts, Daniel Jeremiah shakes up the NFL draft world by dropping his Mock Draft 2.0. What are the main takeaways?

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Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA / Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA
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NFL Draft, Marvin Harrison Jr.
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Mock Draft 2.0 Takeaway No. 2: Patriots make right choice drafting Marvin Harrison Jr. over QBs

If the New England Patriots are on the board with Marvin Harrison Jr. available, there shouldn't be longer than a three-second thinking period. As they currently sit, the Patriots aren't in a position to take a quarterback and have them strive.

In terms of prospects entering the 2024 NFL Draft, Marvin Harrison Jr. might be the most intriguing of them all. He brings size, speed, route running abilities, and hands. Oh, and he's the son of Hall of Fame wide receiver Marvin Harrison Sr. Not that every Hall of Famer's child will grow up to be a great football player, but it appears Marvin Sr. passed down quite the successful pair of genes to Marvin Jr. Mrs. Harrison helped, too.

The New England Patriots are in a weird post-Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era, and they're a bit lost it appears. Marvin Harrison Jr. can change that, all at the price of the No. 3 pick.

The only issue is if the Washington Commanders feel as if Marvin Harrison Jr. is the better choice after seeing what the Bears do. Washington appears rather gung ho on getting their next quarterback, and when they own the No. 2 pick, that might be a good time to go get one.

And as Daniel Jeremiah predicts in his Mock Draft 2.0, New England gets their blue-chip receiver of the present and the future in Marvin Harrison Jr.

That's what the Patriots are hoping, at least.