6 Takeaways from Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 2.0

As one of the most known voices in mock drafts, Daniel Jeremiah shakes up the NFL draft world by dropping his Mock Draft 2.0. What are the main takeaways?
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Mock Draft 2.0 Takeaway No. 4: Bo Nix outlasts first round

As a top 15 pick in Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 1.0, the Oregon Duck quarterback doesn't get the same love in Mock Draft 2.0.

Bo Nix, as a prospect, has had a roller coaster ride. He's even had a roller coaster ride on Daniel Jeremiah's mocks. One week, he's a top 15 pick, the next, he's not even a top 32 pick.

One of the biggest red flags on Nix is his lack of making things work when they aren't perfect, and that could be the factor leaving him out of the first round. With five collegiate seasons under his belt, it seemed to click more once Nix made his departure from Auburn to Oregon. Maybe that was the move he needed to elevate as a quarterback, but it seemed more like an escape.

Bo Nix found a lot of success as an RPO-style quarterback, making me immediately think of Tua Tagovailoa. The comp might not be fair to either side, but the playstyle is surely similar. Not to say Tua isn't talented, but the Dolphins' offense seemed to find much more success once Tyreek Hill led the league in receiving yards.

As teams are finding out— thanks to Patrick Mahomes and his insane run of success lately— teams want their quarterback to check as many boxes, physically, as they can before being drafted. The fewer things, athletically, the team has to teach, the more they can coach on fundamentals and their own scheme. It's hard to coach a player how to throw a football like a shortstop. However, that's something players either have when they enter the league or not.

And, from my observation, Bo Nix doesn't.

Daniel Jeremiah doesn't believe so either, per Mock Draft 2.0.