Could Drake Maye Be the Odd Man Out in This Quarterback Class?

Duke v North Carolina
Duke v North Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

While Drake Maye is widely considered one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2024 draft, a recent comment from an NFL evaluator has stirred the pot, suggesting he might not go as high as expected.

On the "Move the Sticks" podcast, NFL draft analyst Lance Zierlein mentioned a conversation with an evaluator who believes Maye could experience a draft-day slide, similar to other highly touted prospects in recent years. The evaluator even compared Maye to Will Levis, who fell from his projected top-15 position in the 2023 draft.

However, Zierlein himself expressed skepticism about this scenario, believing Maye still possesses too much talent and potential to fall significantly. The general consensus among draft analysts (myself included) still hold Maye firmly among the top three quarterbacks, all of whom most likely will still end up in Chicago, Washington, and New England, who hold the top three with picks.

So, what's the takeaway?

It's early: The Combine and Pro Days haven't even happened yet, which can significantly impact a player's draft stock. It's hard to take any rumors too seriously this far away from the draft.

Multiple perspectives: Experts never have a consensus agreement on prospect rankings, and Maye still has high rankings from most analysts. This information could be from a team that already has their quarterback and wouldn't be selecting Maye anyways. Or, it could be just a rumor. It's impossible to know what is true and what's not when it comes from an anonymous source.

Talent talks: Maye's combination of impressive physical stature and great college production are rare for a quarterback prospect, and I can't see many teams letting someone like him slide too far down the draft board.

Ultimately, Maye's draft position will depend on multiple factors. While the evaluator's opinion is noteworthy, it shouldn't overshadow the broader picture of Maye's elite talent and potential. Every year, there is at least one player projected to be a top pick that ends up sliding in the draft, which is why the draft is one of the most interesting events out there. You never know who it might be.