Oakland Raiders Establish Identity in Free Agency

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For you that still don’t like McKenzie, you gotta remember he did a lot of things according to what Dennis Allen wanted. Now, he’s doing things according to what Del Rio wants and that’s a grind-it-out, physical team. I’m not here to predict records for the Raiders right now but they will be a tough out.

This team is already taking on the personality of it’s head coach, G.M., and defensive coordinator Ken Norton, who were all tough linebackers when they played. We’re  going to start seeing players on the other team get knocked out of games instead of Raiders. No longer will I have to watch the Ravens vs the Steelers to get my fix of intense, passionate, violent football.

Don’t worry about the Raiders not getting sexy names in free agency because the got tough guy. The receiver position will get addressed in the draft and there are guys on the team that will have a bigger role in 2015. In 2015, Raiders fans will be proud of how tough and competitive this Raiders team is.

Just win baby!

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