Bills vs Falcons: Game Pick – Can Buffalo stampede Atlanta?


The 2-1 Buffalo Bills go on the road to take on the 3-0 Atlanta Falcons in week 4.  Here is the pick for Bills vs Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons are 3-0 this season.  However, they could very well be 1-2.  If the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions could have scored winning touchdowns deep in Falcons territory, they would be.  So, in Bills vs Falcons, Atlanta gets a chance to prove their 3-0 record is legit.

For the Buffalo Bills, they got a huge win at home over the then red-hot Denver Broncos.  However, week 3 was very bizarre for the NFL.  A lot of good teams were upset in a week where the entire league became encompassed in a protest responding to comments made by president Donald Trump.

So, was the Buffalo Bills win over the Denver Broncos a case of simply the better team coming out on top?  Or was it an anomaly based on the idea that the favored teams were too distracted from protesting to properly prepare for tough, upset minded teams?

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The Bills are a team who typically beat the teams they’re supposed to.  But for the past few seasons, they’ve been a team that couldn’t beat the better teams in the league.  So, here in week 4 they have their chance to shatter that perception with a win.

Follow the Detroit Lions game plan of using an opportunistic defense that can force Matt Ryan into some turnovers.  Don’t let Julio Jones blow the top off your defense with big plays and keep things close until late in the game to try to steal a win.

If the Buffalo Bills can do that, then they have a good chance to win this game.  But I don’t think they will do it.  The Atlanta Falcons understand that they were lucky to beat the Detroit Lions and their own mistakes are what led to that.

This week in Bills vs Falcons, I think the Dirty Birds won’t make the same mistakes of those near losses.  They’re back home in Mercedes-Benz Stadium where they’ll have a huge advantage.  The Bills will come in with a lot of confidence, and rightly so.

But last week’s win over the Broncos was an anomaly.  They don’t have the offensive fire power to stay with the Falcons.   Atlanta wins.

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Winner:   Falcons

Score prediction:       27-17  Falcons

Points spread:      Falcons -8

Over/under:  48.5 – Over