Bold predictions for the Denver Broncos in the 2023 season

The Denver Broncos are an interesting team to examine for the 2023 season. Let’s make some bold predictions for this potential breakout team.  Sean Payton was the #1 prize for teams this offseason in terms of head coaches, and he ends up with the Denver Broncos.

Now armed with Payton, two additions along the offensive line and a solid defense, the Denver Broncos an be a team that can breakout in 2023.  They appear to be well-positioned to shock some people.

If anyone could “fix” Russell Wilson, it is indeed Sean Payton.  And I think if there’s any player who is able to bounce back from a bad season, Wilson could be the guy.

Let’s make some bold predictions for the 2023 season.

Bold predictions for the Denver Broncos in the 2023 season

Russell Wilson has a 3:1 TD to INT ratio

The first bold prediction I’ll make is that Russell Wilson essentially returns to his old form, and he throws at least three times as many touchdowns as he does interceptions.  If he throws for 27 touchdowns this year, I think he’ll have nine interceptions or less.

Payton is going to install an offense that plays to Wilson’s strengths, and when he’s at his best, there are few QBs more efficient than him.

Broncos make the playoffs in 2023

The team currently has the second longest active playoff drought in the NFL, only behind the New York Jets.  If the Jets were to make the playoffs this year and the Broncos don’t, the Broncos would then have the longest active playoff drought in the NFL.

Well, this year, they’ll sneak into the postseason as one of the three Wild Card teams.  Sean Payton is going to enact quick change to a team that desperately needs it.

Sean Payton wins Coach of the Year, Russell Wilson wins Comeback Player of the Year

My last bold prediction for the Denver Broncos is that not only does Sean Payton win coach of the year, but Russell Wilson also wins Comeback Player of the Year.

Honestly, if Denver can win 10 games and get into the playoffs, I think we’d have a hard time arguing that both men aren’t deserving of the award.

Payton has won a Coach of the Year Award before and Wilson has never been in a position during his career to win the Comeback Player of the Year, besides 2022.

Russell Wilson was horrific in 2022, but I personally believe it was largely due to the devastating injuries and inept coaching.

I may be very wrong here, but I also have faith that both can come true.