NFL Player Comparisons for USC Quarterback Caleb Williams

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Caleb Williams, the uber-talented quarterback from USC, has been generating significant buzz in the NFL draft circles. As scouts and analysts evaluate his potential, several comparisons to established NFL quarterbacks have emerged. He has emerged as the early favorite to be the first pick in next year’s NFL Draft. Let’s take a closer look at three notable comparisons for Caleb Williams.

High-End Comparison: Patrick Mahomes

Drawing comparisons to Patrick Mahomes is the highest praise a young quarterback can receive. Mahomes is widely regarded as one of the most talented quarterbacks to ever play the game. Comparing him to Mahomes and expecting Williams to win two MVPs and two Superbowls in his first 5 years isn’t fair. Mahomes has shattered all realistic expectations for any young quarterback entering the draft. That being said, like Mahomes, Caleb Williams possesses remarkable arm strength, which allows him to make throws that few other quarterbacks can replicate.

The way that Caleb Williams navigates through traffic in the pocket is eerily similar to Mahomes. They possess the same body mannerisms. They even possess nearly identical running forms when they hit the open field. There are times throughout a USC game when I question if I would be able to notice if Patrick Mahomes threw on a number #13 USC jersey and checked into the game.

Mahomes is best known for his uncanny ability to throw accurately and with velocity from various arm angles and platforms and on the run. Williams has showcased similar traits during his time at USC, displaying the potential to make off-balance throws with pinpoint accuracy. Additionally, both quarterbacks share a fearless mentality, never shying away from making bold plays and taking calculated risks.

While it is essential to acknowledge that comparing a young prospect to a superstar like Mahomes is ambitious, the resemblance in their playing styles and potential is what has experts and fans excited about Williams’ future.