Tennessee Titans 3-Round NFL Mock Draft

Notre Dame v Stanford
Notre Dame v Stanford / David Madison/GettyImages

Revamping and fortifying their arsenal, the Tennessee Titans are gearing up for a transformative NFL Draft. With eyes set on securing top-tier talents, the Titans aim to reinforce key positions for the upcoming season. In this comprehensive 3-round mock draft, we delve deep into their strategic selections and potential game-changers to bolster their roster.

The Titans are positioned with the seventh overall pick in a draft brimming with talent. From franchise-altering linemen to explosive playmaking receivers, their choices are critical in shaping the team's future. Join us as we dissect each pick, analyzing the thought process behind Tennessee's moves and the impact these selections could have on their quest for gridiron glory.

In a league where each draft choice can redefine a team's trajectory, the Titans' selections take center stage. With a blend of calculated analysis and anticipation for the unexpected, let's explore the Tennessee Titans' journey through this multi-round mock draft and speculate on the potential stars set to grace the Nashville turf.

Round 1, Pick 7: Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame

Joe Alt emerges as an undeniable force in the 2024 NFL Draft, wielding an impressive blend of genetics, skill, and adaptability. Standing tall at 6’8” and weighing in at 315 pounds, Alt brings a legacy of football excellence, following in the formidable footsteps of his father, John Alt, a former NFL standout. His trajectory from a high school tight end to a dominant offensive tackle at Notre Dame speaks volumes about his innate athletic prowess and dedication to mastering his craft. Alt's college career showcases an evolution from a promising freshman starter to a bona fide force on the field. He solidified his status as a premier left tackle, earning multiple All-American distinctions and demonstrating consistent excellence in protecting the quarterback.

Alt's scouting report reads like a blueprint for a franchise left tackle. His physical attributes are nothing short of exceptional: a towering frame, elite length, and unparalleled athleticism. What sets him apart is his combination of rare foot speed, agility, and bend for a player of his stature. These traits allow Alt to effortlessly mirror rushers, utilize explosive bursts, and maneuver with superb lateral mobility. The Notre Dame standout displays an innate understanding of the game, showcasing high football IQ, vision, and quick reaction speed. His technique is refined and precise, evident in his precise hand placement, wide base, and ability to stymie rushers. Alt's remarkable flexibility and balance enable him to absorb power effortlessly and recover quickly, maintaining a strong base while closing ground.

While Alt's strengths are abundant, there are areas for refinement. Despite his powerful build, he occasionally falters in drive blocking and anchoring, suggesting a need to harness his strength more effectively in run-blocking schemes. Additionally, sharpening hand technique to dictate engagements at the line would further elevate his game.

For the Tennessee Titans, selecting Joe Alt in the first round offers a transformative opportunity. With an impending shift from veteran running back Derrick Henry, bolstering protection for quarterback Will Levis and running back Tyjae Spears becomes paramount. The Minnesota native, Alt's presence on the offensive line promises immediate impact and stability. His ability to seamlessly transition from college to the professional level, coupled with his readiness to assume the role of a franchise left tackle, aligns perfectly with the Titans' needs.

Alt's "All-Prototype" makeup and raw athleticism position him as a plug-and-play prospect, ready to fortify the Titans' offensive line from Week 1 of the 2024 season. His potential to evolve into a top-tier pass protector and his readiness to start at left tackle make him a compelling choice for Tennessee's seventh-overall selection. Alt's trajectory suggests not just a solid career, but the potential to surpass already high expectations, making him a strategic and impactful choice for the Titans' future success.

Round 2, Pick 38: Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon

Troy Franklin embodies the potential for a game-changing addition to any NFL team's receiving corps. Standing at 6’3” and boasting elite speed rumored to clock at 4.35 in the 40-yard dash, Franklin is the epitome of a downfield threat. His college career at Oregon showcased a steady progression in both production and skill, culminating in a standout junior season where he solidified himself as a premier deep threat and a reliable playmaker.

Franklin's strengths lie in his ability to stretch the field. His top-tier speed, coupled with a size that overwhelms smaller defenders, allows him to consistently create separation on deep routes. His exceptional ball-tracking skills and catch radius make him a reliable target downfield, and his effectiveness in manipulating defenders with head fakes amplifies his threat level. Additionally, his versatility stands out as he can be a matchup nightmare whether lined up on the outside or in the slot, leveraging his height and speed advantage over defenders. What makes Franklin stand out is his surprising proficiency in intermediate and short-route running. Despite being known for his speed, he displays crisp and technically sound routes, excelling in comebacks, curls, slants, and over routes. This diversity in his route tree, combined with his speed threat, makes him a multifaceted receiver capable of exploiting defenses at multiple levels.

However, Franklin isn’t without areas to refine. His size, at 6’3” and 187 pounds, poses challenges against physical corners and limits his effectiveness in contested catch situations. Improving his play strength and adding muscle could bolster his ability to contend in these scenarios. While his route running is commendable, there's room for further refinement, especially in slot usage to find holes in zone coverage on underneath routes.

For the Tennessee Titans, who aim to secure a long-term WR1 while complementing DeAndre Hopkins and addressing the need for a speed threat, Troy Franklin emerges as an enticing option in the second round. While not a flawless prospect, his potential to stretch the field, coupled with his steadily improving skills in route running, makes him a valuable asset to enhance the Titans' receiving corps. Franklin's blend of size and speed adds a dimension that aligns with the team's objectives, offering a versatile weapon capable of evolving into a significant contributor to their offensive firepower.

Considering the depth of talent in the 2024 NFL Draft at the wide receiver position, Franklin's projected late-first to early-second-round status makes him an enticing prospect. His capacity to evolve beyond a deep threat, coupled with his steady production and evident skill progression, positions him as a potential steal for the Titans in the second round. If he continues to refine his game and can showcase his elite speed during the combine, his value could skyrocket, making him an impactful addition to bolster Tennessee's receiving arsenal.

The Titans are without a third-round pick at the moment but expect Ran Carthon to get more aggressive closer to draft day.