These NFL Draft prospects are being mock drafted too high/low

The 2024 NFL Draft is approaching, and mock drafts are evolving as more information is reported. But, these prospects are being mocked too high/low.

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NFL Draft, Jayden Daniels
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2024 NFL Draft Prospect No. 1: Jayden Daniels (Too High)

When it comes to putting the 2024 NFL Draft quarterbacks into tiers, Jayden Daniels doesn't live in the top tier.

Caleb Williams and Drake Maye are better quarterback prospects, and they'll both likely have more successful NFL careers, just based of talent alone. Jayden Daniels could prove me wrong, but from what I've seen— as Randy Jackson would say— "It's a no from me, dawg."

Mel Kiper Jr. has Caleb Williams going to the Chicago Bears No. 1, but he mocks Jayden Daniels in the No. 2 spot to the Washington Commanders. In most mocks I see, Drake Maye is the No. 2 quarterback, and that appears to be the most likely outcome.

If the Washington Commanders were to pass on Drake Maye at No. 2 and draft Jayden Daniels instead, it could be a Mitch Trubisky moment. Jayden Daniels and Mitch Trubisky are much different prospects, but the situation would likely garner similar results.

Jayden Daniels isn't incapable of being an NFL quarterback, but the likelihood of him being the best- or second-best quarterback in this draft isn't as likely as other quarterbacks in this draft.

The things Jayden Daniels can do well are impressive, but his skill set isn't one that translates to the NFL level. Daniels was throwing to two first-round draft picks as receivers against competition that likely won't be suiting up against him on Sundays in the future.

The more likely situation I see is Daniels being drafted outside the top 5— or even the top 10— given the time it would take to see him perform at a high level in the NFL.

This could be egg on my face in the long run, but if I'm the general manager of the Washington Commanders, it's not Jayden Daniels at No. 2.