This 2024 NFL Draft prospect emerging as 'controversial' after Pro Day decisions

He might be the best receiver prospect, but what's he hiding?

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout this entire 2024 NFL Draft process, Caleb Williams has been the target of some serious dragging of his character. Considering most of the people who say all of these things about Williams have likely never had a real conversation with him, it's hard to believe that he's as polarizing as some speculate.

In fact, a story came to light about Caleb Williams during USC's Pro Day. The topic of Pro Days, however, is what brings a new prospect to the front of the line of controversy.

Marvin Harrison Jr. declines to participate in Ohio State's Pro Day, wasn't present at NFL Scouting Combine

Something becoming more common among incoming draft prospects at the top of the class is the idea that doing drills at the Combine can only hurt draft stock. Usually, teams have their opinions on players heading into the combine. Freakish testing, watching the players make specific movements, and in-person interviews are more of the focal points for teams watching prospects during this time.

Caleb Williams caught a lot of flack for not participating in the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine, though, No. 1 overall quarterbacks haven't been doing so for quite some time now. He did, however, throw at USC's Pro Day.

At the prospect's Pro Day, that's usually when they'll test and do drills— if they do.

With Marvin Harrison Jr. not participating, or even showing, at the combine, the idea that he'd participate at OSU's Pro Day was there. Well, he didn't participate, and because of that, a narrative is forming.

Is Marvin Harrison Jr. a controversial prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft?

No. It's incredibly silly to think that now, all of a sudden, Marvin Harrison Jr. is no longer the top wide receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft— if not the top prospect overall— because he didn't participate in workouts for the entire league to watch.

He's the top receiver in the class, and at absolutely worst, he'll be the third receiver off the board. It'd be wildly shocking to see him not drafted as the top receiver in the class, but with Malik Nabers and Rome Odunze helping their casses during the combine, the possibility is there.

If not participating at the NFL combine or OSU's Pro Day makes teams think Marvin Harrison Jr. isn't a top receiver prospect, one of the other 31 NFL teams will be very thankful they thought that.