NFL Picks and Predictions – Week 4


Welcome to week four of the NFL season.  Here is some analysis and picks on each game for the week.  NFL Picks and Predictions – Week 4

NFL Picks – Panthers vs Patriots

In the first of our NFL Picks, the Carolina Panthers are having trouble scoring and that’s a problem against the one of the highest scoring teams in the NFL, the New England Patriots.  The Panthers defense is great but it won’t be enough against Tom Brady and company.  Patriots win.

Winner:   Patriots

Score prediction:       27-17  Patriots  

Points spread:      Patriots  -9.5

Over/under:  49 – Under

NFL Picks – Browns vs Bengals

Two 0-3 AFC North teams from Ohio face off to see who gets their first win of the season.  Hopefully it won’t end in a tie.  The Bengals offense showed signs of life in week 3.  Andy Dalton played better and he will out play Browns rookie Deshone Kizer.  Bengals win.

Winner:   Bengals

Score prediction:       23-17  Bengals  

Points spread:      Bengals  -3

Over/under:  41.5 – Under

NFL Picks – Titans vs Texans

Two AFC South teams mixing it up here and they have many similarities.  Young, mobile quarterbacks and tough defenses.  The Titans are favored but the Texans will win. The last time they played at home they laid an egg.  This time the Texans win at home in a close game.

Winner:   Texans

Score prediction:       24-23  Texans

Points spread:      Titans  -2.5

Over/under:  44 – Over

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NFL Picks – 49ers vs Cardinals

The 49ers offense exploded against the LA Rams in week 3.  Putting up 39 points and quarterback Brian Hoyer threw for 332 yards and 2 TD’s.  However, the Cardinals defense is better than the Rams and the 49ers will find it harder scoring on them.  Cardinals win.

Winner:   Cardinals

Score prediction:       28-20  Cardinals  

Points spread:      Cardinals -7

Over/under:  44.5 – Over

NFL Picks – Eagles vs Chargers

The Chargers are favored to win this game but I don’ think they will.  Both teams have talent on both sides of the ball.  I like the pass rushers the two teams have and guys like Melvin Ingram and Fletcher Cox who will harass the quarterbacks in this game.  Which is why I’ll go with the more mobile of the two QB’s, Carson Wentz and the Eagles to prevail over Philip Rivers and the Chargers..

Winner:   Eagles

Score prediction:       28-20  Eagles  

Points spread:      Chargers -2.5

Over/under:  47.5 – Over

NFL Picks – Giants vs Buccaneers

The Buccaneers got blown out in week 3 and the Giants lost on a last second field goal.  The Giants got their offense going and Odell Beckham Jr. is getting healthy.  However, I think the Bucs will win.  I don’t think Jameis Winston will have two consecutive bad games.  The Buccaneers rebound in week 4.

Winner:   Buccaneers

Score prediction:       28-23  Buccaneers  

Points spread:      Buccaneers -3

Over/under:  44.5 – Over

NFL Picks – Colts vs Seahawks

Surprisingly both teams are 1-2.  The Colts have been without quarterback Andrew Luck, so it’s expected that they’d struggle.  However, the Seahawks are a different story.  A return home will help them gain an advantage.  I like Colts QB Jacoby Brissett, but Russell Wilson is the better QB of the two and the Seahawks defense is better too.  Seahawks win.

Winner:   Seahawks

Score prediction:       27-17  Seahawks

Points spread:      Seahawks  -13

Over/under:  41.5 – Over

Here are the NFL picks of the other games from week 4

Raiders vs Broncos 

Steelers vs Ravens

Lions vs Vikings

Bills vs Falcons

Saints vs Dolphins

Rams vs Cowboys

Jaguars vs Jets

Redskins vs Chiefs